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Christopher N.

Executive Director


Chris Norwood is the Founder of Bay Area Tutoring Association, and current MUSD School Board Trustee Vice President. He is a social change agent, born entrepenuer and a leader in creating greater educational equity. He has held technology and innovation leadership positions in both the private and public sectors. Chris began his journey in Milpitas, California at a very young age by inspirationally speaking and working on local and national platforms on a wide variety of issues including the history of Civil Rights, increasing academic engagement of different cultures and helping students develop character and confidence. Chris has a genuine mindful approach of collaborating with diverse populations groups of international ancestry. Whether academics, social change or the commitment to doing good works, his style and ability to connect with various audiences is dynamic and approachable.

In private and public technology sectors, Chris was an early participant of the Silicon Valley boom. He joined Alcom Corporation, now Esker, Inc., an internet document communications start-up in the early 1990’s, and rapidly rose through the ranks to lead their technical services and product management teams. In 1997, in the midst of a 5-year span of award-winning product lines, Chris became one of four co-owners of the company. As internet startups rapidly evolved, Chris honed his leadership, business development, fiscal management and public speaking skills by conducting technical training seminars in the US as well as globally, including Canada, UK, Germany, France, South Korea and Australia.