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See how Alysse L. helped South Pacific Islander Organization on a Facilitated Strategy Session project

MichaeLynn K
MichaeLynn K.
Alysse L
Alysse L.
Matched on
Sep 4, 2020
Hours Given
15 Hours
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What did South Pacific Islander Organization need?

Alysse helped South Pacific Islander Organization face their biggest challenges with a facilitated strategy session that gets the right people together to brainstorm and map out the path forward.

Why is this project important?

Creating a guiding document and draft of the South Pacific Islander Organization 2021-22 Strategic Plan.

This project will save us $4,465, allowing us to focus our funding on 100% volunteer-led programs.

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MichaeLynn K
MichaeLynn K.
Final Product
Cause Areas
Diversity & Inclusion
Arts & Culture
South Pacific Islander Organization
San Jose, California, USA

What did Alysse have to offer?

I am passionate about helping leaders understand and implement their vision. I am also passionate about using social science research methods to improve functioning and performance in human service organizations. I have approximately 8 years of research and evaluation experience and many years of work, volunteering, and internships in the human services sector.

Strategy Consulting
  • Background in strategic consulting or advisory work required
Alysse L
Alysse L.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

About South Pacific Islander Organization

To support and promote Pacific Islander voices, cultures, and communities through leadership development, cultural revitalization, and community partnerships.

Our current focus is to build Pacific Islander presence in higher education and professional fields.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

We are a 100% volunteer-led non-profit working to democratize access to higher education and career resources for Pacific Islanders.

This is the 8th project posted by South Pacific Islander Organization.

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