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Julissa S.

Building Skills Partnership

Building Skills Partnership (BSP) is a non-profit organization and a unique collaboration between responsible businesses and the Service Employees International Union to build a strong future for low-wage service workers and their families by advancing skills, opportunities and self-sufficiency.

What did Julissa need?

This project will support our just launched infectious disease certification program for property service workers. It will help us elevate the role janitors and airport workers play in minimizing the spread of deadly pathogens, like COVID-19, in community facilities. It will also help us market the program to janitorial employers for their workforce to participate.

They were very nice! Glad I was able to help with their photo editing project.
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Christina M.


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Jun 15, 2020


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Christina M.


I am a portrait photographer when I am not busy crunching numbers. I enjoy creating beautiful portraits and capturing special moments that can be enjoyed for time to come.

What did Christina have to offer?

What Buidling Skills Partnership is doing is amazing work- Both I and my fiance come from an immigrant family and we know how hard it can be to gain skills in a different country while trying to build a safe home for yourself. Its great that this organization exists! I am a semi-pro photographer with 4 years of shooting and editing experience underneath my belt. I like to help various organizations on Catch a Fire edit their photos so they can spend time with other things!

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