See how Freddy's skills helped ACCEL San Mateo County on an Impact Report Graphic Design project.

Ka'Ryn H.

ACCEL San Mateo County

Our mission is to support adult education students' transition to college, workplace success and community contributions.

What did Ka'Ryn need?

ACCCEL San Mateo County is a consortium of Adult Schools and Community Colleges; our mission to help adults learn requisite skills to become gainfully employed and develop the skills necessary for life long learning and skill building. Due to the Governor's budget cuts, we have lost over $1 million in funding. We need an Annual Report to demonstrate the need and impact we have on our communities and the contributions our students can make to California's strong workforce initiative.

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Jun 4, 2020


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Freddy T.


I like helping others who need my services; together, we can develop a quality product. I aim to resolve problems through innovative thinking bringing all ideas to the table and thinking logically about it and how it will impact the end-user. Graphic Design Samples Link: https://spark.adobe.c...
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What did Freddy have to offer?

I have always believed in giving back to the community, and I'm a driven designer, passionate, and always seeking to help others. I work in the field of education and design, and together we can make a product that has meaning. I am confident that we can create an excellent product that will reflect your organization's goal. I have seven years of experience working with Adobe products as a graphic design consultant, providing my services in visual communication, illustration, and marketing materials for print and digital.

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