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Jill S.


Through skilled volunteers, Tax-Aid provides year-round free tax services to strengthen our San Francisco Bay Area community.

What did Jill need?

It's important for us to know what is happening in the field at our tax sites so we can better manage our volunteer resources and deploy them in real time. Right now we don't have visibility into what is happening on the ground

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Mar 20, 2020


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Aishwarya P.


Supply Chain graduate with experience in supply chain analytics, process improvement, and digitization. Delivered 3 projects in different domains - Helped manufacturing unit improve inventory planning by 300,000 units by building a 94% accurate forecasting model; Improved capacity utilizat...
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What did Aishwarya have to offer?

During my early career being new to the finance industry, I do understand this is a complicated area where people need genuine assistance I was lucky enough to find mentors who guided me and this service will offer mentorship to many like me It will reduce costs of these services for those on lower wages and make them more assured of their tax payments My contribution to a better process will help your team serve more people thus enhancing the impact It will also give me an opportunity to build my network and hone my skills I have 2 years of experience as an Operations manager in the insurance industry The work involved searching for improvement areas then applying 5Y root cause analysis time-motion studies to increase efficiency quality and eliminating wastes from the process I also have worked in a consumer goods industry focusing on gap analysis and developing a new demand planning process with What Who When Why and How documentation Lastly focusing on metric definitions and monitoring the end goal through the right parameter has been an area I have been interested towards All these skills will help me deliver for your cause

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