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Lucia F.

Juma Ventures

Juma strives to break the cycle of poverty by paving the way to work, education, and financial capability for youth across America.

What did Lucia need?

Gaining new leads and proper cultivation of those leads to convert to donors is a strategic priority of our development team for the year - ensuring we are properly set up and knowledgeable about the platform is crucial for our success.

Juma is a fantastic organization doing important work to provide opportunities for youth to break them out of poverty. They have a great mission, and they are doing vital work to assist youth during this unprecedented time. It was a pleasure to work with and to get to know Lucia. I really enjoyed...
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Raymond L.


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Feb 3, 2020


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Raymond L.


Marketing is both art and science. My career, which started in technology, has focused on leveraging data and analysis to drive marketing plans and advancing marketing operations. I generate measurable results through aligning marketing product data and technology to innovate marketing capabil...
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What did Raymond have to offer?

I love how you are serving and providing opportunities for youth to become self-sufficient. Giving them opportunities to be a positive impact in our society is fantastic. I instill the values of hard work, grit and education in my children and would like help further your work in this field. I have more than 7 years managing large email service providers (Cheetahmail, Epsilon, Oracle) and know the ins and outs of email marketing. I have worked at leading organizations like The New York Times and Bed Bath & Beyond. I have evaluated, selected and implemented new email software. I am familiar with many other email software like Salesforce and Mailchimp. I am confident I can help your organization get your email system up and running and provide suggestions to further your work.

I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have been able to work with Ray on this project! His extensive experience and his commitment to helping us have truly been a gift. He has provided crucial support during our Covid 19 "When Work is Not an Option" campaign, which heavily relied on email. In ...
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Lucia F.

Volunteer Manager

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