See how Sarah's skills helped Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation on a Marketing Strategy call.

Pamela E.

Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation

To advocate, advance, and develop support for parks, recreational programming, community services, cultural activities, and the arts in Redwood City and surrounding unincorporated areas.

What did Pamela need?

I'd like some help to develop a combined corporate sponsorship package/plan for three different summer events that we host. We've had separate corporate sponsorship packages in the past.

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Jan 20, 2020


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Sarah L.


Brand & content marketer with almost a decade of experience, with a side of design. Interested in digital storytelling, lifestyle/wellness brands, and start-ups. At Core, I lead brand marketing, content, influencer relationships, and communications. Check out our blog, Good Pillar, for person...
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What did Sarah have to offer?

I have several years of experience across marketing, strategy, and communications, so hopefully, I can be of some help here!

Sarah helped us clarify some issues and provided direction so we can take the next step to move forward with our project!
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Pamela E.

Volunteer Manager

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