See how Jonathan's skills helped Midpen Media Center on a Marketing Strategy Sessions project.

Joanne S.

Midpen Media Center

The Midpeninsula Community Media Center is a non-profit organization where every citizen can make a difference. Use it to: Learn Video Production Make Shows on Local Cable TV Access Channels View Programs on the Cable Channels or this Web Site Make the Media Center Better, Stronger, and Incre...
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What did Joanne need?

This is key to our success in 2020. The organization is making numerous changes, with new personnel and new goals for both marketing and fundraising. We haven't had a full-time marketing person for a while and just got approval from the board to hire someone full-time this year.

Matched On
Jan 21, 2020


Jonathan W.


Mission and purpose driven marketing strategist with deep history in consulting and leading consumer and pet brand portfolios in communications, innovations and strategy.

What did Jonathan have to offer?

Always interested in helping people with worthy missions who have the need. If you need the help. This is the kind of thing I do. I've been helping Catchfire clients for the past year focusing on mission and strategy. I am happy to help if you want to engage. Check out my references on Catchfire.

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