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Jill S.


Through skilled volunteers, Tax-Aid provides year-round free tax services to strengthen our San Francisco Bay Area community.

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You're work will help both clients and volunteers understand the magic of Tax-Aid!

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Jan 8, 2020


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Alina R.


HI! My name is Alina. I am an illustration graduate from the University of Hartford in Connecticut, US. I am well-versed in many aspects of the art field with experience in design, art education, and illustration work of a wide variety of 2D mediums. I am always looking for opportunities to deve...
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What did Alina have to offer?

If there's any way my skills as an illustrator can help advertise the opportunity of a program that provides tax-free services to the community and help spread the word about such a great program, I am eager to help! I am a freelance illustrator. I have experience in doing children's book illustrations.I also majored in illustration in college and I feel my skills can be valuable in being able to portray a visual message to the public. With previous experience with freelance illustration, my goal is to communicate exactly what the client's message is and prioritize their vision.

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