See how Rico's skills helped ACCEL San Mateo County on a Data Crunching & Analysis project.

Ka'Ryn H.

ACCEL San Mateo County

Our mission is to support adult education students' transition to college, workplace success and community contributions.

What did Ka'Ryn need?

ACCEL San Mateo County is in its 4th year of operation; we are now in our implementation phase. We have a new website designed to attract prospective students, with messaging that will resonate with our target audience. In 2020, we will recruit an advisory board to help us stay focused on our mission. We would like to create an Annual Impact Report; a tool to tell our story, highlight our successes, and create a snapshot of our adult schools and community colleges.

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Dec 12, 2019


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Rico L.


I am a UC Davis statistics and economics honors graduate with professional experience structuring and delivering ad hoc analyses for clients in government, healthcare, and insurance. I am highly skilled at using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint to create analytic reports,...
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What did Rico have to offer?

I believe that adult education is key to the advancement of society for future generations. Children look up to adults as role models and when they see them continue to learn and develop, they will develop a mindset focused on learning that will carry on throughout their lives. I have more than 2 years of experience in structuring and executing ad hoc analyses for a wide range of clients. This involved identifying the purpose, conducting background research, selecting the data, drafting a specifications workflow, and implementing the approach to get the results. As an analyst, I have had exposure to large, multi-dimensional datasets in a variety of file formats and used many tools to process them, such as Excel, R, SAS, and SQL. In addition, I have a thorough knowledge of descriptive and inferential statistics from my undergraduate coursework as a statistics major.

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